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Emoji Happenings is a bot for Slack that lets everyone know when new custom team emojis are created.
Kathryn Murphy
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Why Emoji Happenings?

Slack is more than just a workplace communication or productivity tool. It enables teams to socialize and connect on a personal level especially as more companies embrace a remote culture. Common in company Slack spaces are channels like #pets, #books, or #babies where people can share pictures and stories. Emoji Happenings is a new and fun way to amplify an already popular workplace behavior -- creating custom Slack emojis. Any time someone on your team creates a custom emoji it gets automatically posted to a channel so everyone can share in the fun!
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Fully automated

The Emoji Happenings bot requires no configurations or maintenance. Once installed, it automatically tracks your team's custom emoji activity and posts about it in a dedicated emoji channel. Set it. Forget it. Enjoy it!

Channel agnostic

No matter what channel a custom emoji is created in, Emoji Happenings is triggered. The custom emoji is then shared in a dedicated channel, which allows each team member to manage how they want to participate (e.g. notifications vs no notifications).

Track all changes

It's not just when a new custom emoji has been created. Emoji Happenings will also listen and post when a custom emoji has been deleted or changed, making emoji management easy and fun for everyone.

How it works

Follow these simple steps to get Emoji Happenings installed and running in your team's Slack workspace today.

Install app

To get started, simply click the button to add Emoji Happenings to Slack. You'll need to accept two permissions: public channel posting and emoji read.

Create channel

After the app has been installed in your company's workspace, you'll want to create a new channel. We suggest #emoji-happenings, but you can call it whatever you'd like.

Turn it on

The final step is to activate the Emoji Happenings bot. You can do this by @mentioning the bot in the channel you created in step 2.

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